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Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California is actually a not for profit health plan that was founded in 1939 in San Francisco, California.
California Blue Shield serves almost 3.5 million health plan members and gives clients access to over 65,000 physicians throughout the state of California.
California Blue Shield was founded by the California medical Association.
Blue Shield of California has actually been in the California Health Insurance business for over 60 years serving California residents with innovative health insurance products for individuals and families, groups, and Medicare insurance products for seniors.
California Blue Shield is a sister company if you will to Anthem Blue Cross of California.
They used to be one company, like in most states , however they split off many years ago to better serve their clients.

Blue Shield of California and healthcare reform:

Back in 2002, Blue Shield of California became the first health insurance carrier that proposed a solution for universal health coverage for Americans.
They called it “universal coverage universal responsibility”, and essentially required everybody from individuals, business owners and the state and federal government to chip it. Sadly, it really never went anywhere.

Blue Shield of California reviews:

Back in 2009, Blue Shield of California received three out of four stars on the California healthcare quality report card.

Blue Shield of California PPO

California Blue Shield does offer individual and family health insurance plans that utilize a preferred provider organization.
So if you want a plan where you can pick and choose any Dr. to you want, with the understanding that you’ll have higher deductibles and coinsurance. Then an PPO plan from Blue Shield of California, will probably fit the bill for your situation.

Blue Shield of California HMO
California Blue Shield also offers HMO products.
Essentially, the way the plan would work is in exchange for low co-payments and deductibles and most services being covered at a co-pay the California Blue Shield HMO is essentially in charge of your health care choices.
With a PPO plan your Dr. only gets paid when they provide a service.
With a HMO plan they get paid a set amount for every client or patient that is assigned to them regardless of the amount of services that are provided.

Blue Shield of California health plans:

Blue Shield in California offers health insurance products for individuals and families, small and large group, as well as Medicare products for seniors:

Blue Shield of California health insurance
Blue Shield of California life insurance
Blue Shield of California Medicare insurance
Blue Shield of California group insurance

Blue Shield of California contact info:

Blue Shield of California
50 Beale Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 229-5000

Health Insurance Companies in California

Top 10 California Health Insurance Providers:

So there are about a handful of health insurance companies in California that are affordable and offer competitive health insurance plans

  1. Pacific Care
  2. Aetna
  3. Aetna (AARP Brand)
  4. Kaiser
  5. Blue Shield of California
  6. Anthem Blue Cross
  7. Assurant
  8. Cigna
  9. Celtic
  10. Health Net

What you will find in California is that only a small handful of carriers are actually a good fit.
Some California Health Insurance Providers, aren’t competitive due to a number of reasons such as:

Small Networks:

If a carrier has a small selection of providers, what happens when you travel to another state?
You will have an out of network deductible, which pretty much means that bill is coming out of your pocket, because it’s unlikely you will meet your out of network deductible.
Even travelling within California, it’s important to consider a carriers network of doctor’s and hospitals.
What if they are great let’s say is San Diego, but if you go up to Santa Barbara for a new job and find the “pickin’s are slim”?

Small Client base;

Unless you specifically want an HMO plan from Kasier, you really want to stick with the bigger carriers like Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Aetna.
The reason for this is the less consumers who sign up and then what ends up happening is the insured already on the plan experience large rate increases since there isn’t any “fresh blood” coming in to offset their medical claims.
Another consideration when looking at a regional local carrier is that, the smaller the network, the higher your costs will be until your deductible is met.
If you are looking for a PPO plan from health insurance companies in california such as Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield for example, you will find that your costs until your deductible are met will be lower vs a non player such as Celtic or Assurant Health.
Compare california health insurance plans that are similar in deductible , copays and design from the major players in your country.
Also if you need California Dental Insurance, California Group Health Insurance, California Life Insurance or California Auto Insurance comparisons we can help with that as well!