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Health Insurance Companies in California

Top 10 California Health Insurance Providers:

So there are about a handful of health insurance companies in California that are affordable and offer competitive health insurance plans

  1. Pacific Care
  2. Aetna
  3. Aetna (AARP Brand)
  4. Kaiser
  5. Blue Shield of California
  6. Anthem Blue Cross
  7. Assurant
  8. Cigna
  9. Celtic
  10. Health Net

What you will find in California is that only a small handful of carriers are actually a good fit.
Some California Health Insurance Providers, aren’t competitive due to a number of reasons such as:

Small Networks:

If a carrier has a small selection of providers, what happens when you travel to another state?
You will have an out of network deductible, which pretty much means that bill is coming out of your pocket, because it’s unlikely you will meet your out of network deductible.
Even travelling within California, it’s important to consider a carriers network of doctor’s and hospitals.
What if they are great let’s say is San Diego, but if you go up to Santa Barbara for a new job and find the “pickin’s are slim”?

Small Client base;

Unless you specifically want an HMO plan from Kasier, you really want to stick with the bigger carriers like Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Aetna.
The reason for this is the less consumers who sign up and then what ends up happening is the insured already on the plan experience large rate increases since there isn’t any “fresh blood” coming in to offset their medical claims.
Another consideration when looking at a regional local carrier is that, the smaller the network, the higher your costs will be until your deductible is met.
If you are looking for a PPO plan from health insurance companies in california such as Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield for example, you will find that your costs until your deductible are met will be lower vs a non player such as Celtic or Assurant Health.
Compare california health insurance plans that are similar in deductible , copays and design from the major players in your country.
Also if you need California Dental Insurance, California Group Health Insurance, California Life Insurance or California Auto Insurance comparisons we can help with that as well!

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is a non-for profit health plan that was started back in 1945 and is headquartered in Oakland, California.
Kaiser offers individual and family health insurance, group health insurance not only in California but also in Georgia, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Washington state, and the District of Columbia.
As a non-for profit health plan. Kaiser Permanente is organized and three organizations which are Kaiser foundation health plans, Kaiser foundation hospitals, and the permanent day medical groups which is a for profit professional organization for physicians.
Kaiser is actually the largest non-profits health plan in the US and they serve over 9 million consumers in nine different states plus the District of Columbia
What makes Kaiser Permanente special?

Kaiser Permanente is not a traditional California health insurance company, it is a group health plan.
So if you are approved, and become a member of the Kaiser health plan you will pick a doctor, and then you and your chosen doctor will make decisions based on your health care together.
One important fact to keep in mind when comparing Kaiser health insurance plans, is that Kaiser is an HMO.
If you are not familiar with how an HMO works, with most HMO plans, especially those offered by Kaiser in California, you must use their network of providers or essentially won’t be covered for non-emergency services.
That is why HMO plans have very low out-of-pocket costs when you use medical services and that is why the premiums for an HMO are much higher than a PPO plan, within HMO you are basically pre-paying for services you may or may not use, maybe because most people are used to having a benefit rich HMO from an employer in the past.

What kind of services do Kaiser plans cover?

preventive care
well-baby and prenatal care
emergency care
screening diagnostics
hospital and medical services
pharmacy services
Kaiser California Health Insurance Plans are also big on giving back to the community by:
providing assistance to the uninsured and special populations
training new health professionals
introducing new delivery methods into the health care field
developing and sharing better ways of caring for patients

Kaiser Permanente offers individual and family coverage for individuals who may be: self-employed, working for a company that does not offer a group plan, a student or recent graduate, overage or not covered on their parent’s plan, between jobs, waiting for an employer’s group coverage to begin, a part-time employee who isn’t eligible for group coverage, or an early retiree.
Here are just a few of the advantages Kaiser Permanente offers members:
Our commitment that you’re in control of your health care decisions
A diverse choice of plans and plan types
Protection when you need it, as well as coverage for routine preventive health care needs
Special services for members only, such as online access to your personal health record, e-mail connection with your doctor’s office, and online prescription refills
Products and services targeted specifically to individuals, as well as to small, mid-sized, and large employers, plus Medicare-eligible individuals
The trust and recognition that comes from decades of service to the communities we serve
Strong, stable financial performance year after year, augmented by our reinvestment of earnings into our care delivery model and our community health programs
Our integrated health care system means that our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care professionals are all focused on one goal – our patients’ well-being. Since the Health Plan is integrated into health care delivery through our hospitals and medical offices, our doctors are empowered to work with you on vital decisions about your treatment without needing to defer to an outside decision-maker, such as an unrelated insurance company, for an approval – or denial – of care.

Where are Kaiser health plans available?

Coverage area:
California: Capital, Central, East Bay, Golden Gate, North East Bay, South Bay, Coachella Valley, Inland Empire, metropolitan Los Angeles/West Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County, The Valleys, Tri-Central, Western Ventura County
Colorado: Denver, Boulder
Georgia: metropolitan Atlanta
Hawaii: Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai, Maui
Mid-Atlantic: Baltimore, northern Virginia, Washington, D.C.
Oregon: Portland, Longview-Vancouver, Salem
Ohio: Akron, Cleveland

Kaiser Permanente: California Health Insurance Plan Benefits Review
$1,500 Deductible
Physician Office Visits: $30 after ded.
Hospital Co-payment: $500/day after ded. In Network
Maternity: $500/day after ded.
Deductible: $1,500
Prescription Drugs: $10G $35BF ($250 ded) $50 Copayment
Physician Office Visits: $50
Hospital Co-payment: $500/day In Network
Maternity: $500/day
Deductible: None
Prescription Drugs: Not Covered

$250 Copayment
Physician Office Visits: $20 after ded.
Hospital Co-payment: $100/day after ded. In Network
Maternity: $100/day after ded.
Deductible: $250
Prescription Drugs: $10G $35BF ($250 ded) $25 Copayment
Physician Office Visits: $25
Hospital Co-payment: $200/day In Network
Maternity: $200/day
Deductible: None
Prescription Drugs: $10G $35BF ($250 ded)